I’m Annaleisa. Born and raised in Colorado, I’m a lover of the mountains, pineapple pizza (yes, I’m that person), and dogs of all sizes. I’m fun-loving, down-to-earth, and will tell you dirty jokes until you crack a smile. 
I believe that a great photograph captures who you truly are. You’re unique, and that’s a great thing! My approach is to provide a welcoming environment where people can feel free to be themselves, without judgement. I’ve been told that I have a real gift for helping my clients feel safe and comfortable to capture that perfect shot.
For me, photographing couples is about portraying the connection they share with one another, their families, and their friends. From engagement shoots to your wedding day, your photographer is there for some of the biggest moments of your life. My goal is for each of my clients to get that warm and fuzzy feeling every time they look at their photos!

behind the 

go-to cocktail:

dream vacation:

Favorite color:

Gin & Tonic

Greece and prague


Secret talent:

Favorite book:

go-to TV shows:


The collector

Friends, Bob's Burgers, Schitt's Creek

Guilty pleasure:

enneagram type:

current obsession:

True Crime

Type 2w3

krav Maga

A few of my not-so-secrets

- I’m a hopeless romantic
- I love a good hike (even though I get winded just taking the stairs)
- I'm a binger of all things from John Mulaney to True Crime Docs
- I’m equally happy dancing to live music or embroidering by a campfire 
- I’m always down for midnight karaoke
- I shamelessly love The Bachelor franchise and once grabbed drinks with
   a few BIP contestants (lemme tell ya all about it)
- I live with my amazing partner, Chris, who always shows me new adventures

Did we just become best friends?


ultimate third wheel?

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